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A few years ago I came to the conclusion that the TV shows geared toward bikers today were bogus.  They were about arguing & building high buck "rides" that you don't ride.  Or they were about product placement.  One show was sponsored by a major seat manufacturer.  Well, you'll never see a piece on a guy busting his butt in his garage making killer custom seats, if the show is put on by the leading aftermarket seat company.  And yes, busty blondes are nice to look at, but a show should have the substance to back it up.

Well, hopefully, that is going to change.  My idea & goal is to search out shops that do real work on real bikes for real people & show case them right here.  Just me & a camera (or two), not a crew filming a crew of builders.  One guy filming one guy.  Okay, maybe there will be a few employees, but you get the idea. 

Based in Southern Minnesota, I figure that I will start in my neck of the woods & branch out from here.  Some episodes may not be motorcycle content, but instead may cover car shows or a musician/band or such.  Hey, it's all kinda related.

So there's the game plan.  If you have a shop & would like to be featured or know of a shop that should be, shoot me an E & I'll see what I can do.

Aaron "Cybersurfingalien" T.


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Welcome to Wild Wheels.  Here's the latest news (Scroll down to read the WWP story)


Feb 16th- Follow along my ACO build for The Horse magazines Amatuer Chop Off on the WWP Facebook page.


Dec 12th-  Sorry for the lack of updates, but I started a new job & I am also entered into the ACO (Amateur Chop Off) put on by the Horse Backstreet Choppers magazine for their Smokeout Rally in Rockingham, NC June 24th & 25th, 2011.  So due to that, the videos will be farther in between for the next 6-8 months.  I've still got a few things to tape, as well as somethings to edit.

Oct 1- Right before Sturgis I had to get a new tire for the chopper.  I needed to get more ground clearence & needed to bump up from a 16 to an 18 wheels & tire.  In the process I found the new outlet for me to get tires in the future....Pure Offroad.  They shipped FAST.  Their prices are LOW!  I check 2 of the major catalog companies & they couldn't touch Pure Offroads prices.  I'm trying to get into the Amatuer Chop Off for The Horse magazine's Smoke Out.  When it comes time to get tires for that project, I know where I'm going.  Pure Offroad!  Don't let their name fool you though, Pure Offroad has tires for on road as well.


Sept 2nd-  Finally got the Lee's Speed Shop episode done.  Had a few mishaps with the editing.  Ooops.  But she's up now.

 Aug 10th- Enjoying my time in Sturgis with my wife, Melissa.  Be home next Tues & then back to editing & shooting some more footage.  If you get a chance, I threw a few pics up on my Facebook page.  

Aug 6th-  Shot some footage at Lee's Speed Shop & am in the process of editing it.  Got it down to 57 minutes, so I need to whittle it down some more.  We are also gearing up to go to Sturgis.  So I'll be away for about 11-12 days.  Look for me out in Sturgis & say hi if you see me.  Keep an eye out on my Facebook page for updates. 

June 30th- Finally got the links up for the Kennedy Chopper Class Open House.  The video has been on you tube for awaile, but I just haven't gotten in on to the site, sorry about that. 

On a sadder side note, I lost my job on the 21st & am now looking for employment.  I hope to hold out until after Sturgis! I have a few other things in the works Including a new clothing line, so we'll see how things pan out.

June 3rd-  Episode #4- TT Motorcycles is UP!!!

June 2nd-  Doing the last rendering for episode #4 featuring TT Motorcycles of Blooming Prairie, MN.  Cool indy shop with all the features of a dealership & none of the B.S.  Gonna start on the footage of the Kennedy High Chopper Project open house next.  That was a good time & I highly recomend going next year if you can.


April 13th- Just got done posting a quick recap of the Donnie Smith Bike Show from March.  Met some cool people there that I hope to feature in the future.  Most notably (sp?) Scott Webster from Leroy Thompson Choppers.  I've been a big fan of theirs for a few years now, so it was great to actually meet the crew in person.  Check them out through the links page under Friens of WW!!

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March 22nd- Now you can buy official WWP merchandies & help support WWP through our Cafe Press webstore.  Go to the links page to get there.

March 19th- I uploaded Episode 3 featuring Pearson Customs of Prior Lake, MN.  It ended up breaking down into 3 segments & totaling nearly 25 minutes.  Go check it out!! 

February 9th- I have just posted the Bonus features from the Kevin Baas BMC shoot.  There are videos of 2 of his bikes "Frank" & "Elvis" as well as a 2 part episode & the 1st episode featureing Zacks Body Shop.  It amounts to nearly an hour of video footage!! 


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